Quick Ways to Calm Down

Quick Ways to Calm Down

by | May 29, 2023

Create a Wheel of Choice WITH your Child

From Positive Discipline Workbook, by Jane Nelsen.

It is important that children are involved in the creation of their Wheel of Choice. Involvement enhances feelings of belonging, significance, and capability. Involvement also increases motivation to use what has been created.

  1. Sit at a table with paper and pencil and ask your child for ideas of what he or she could do when feeling frustrated, sad, or hurt. What would help him or her feel better (calm down), or would that be a  solution to the problem?
  2. Write down every suggestion.
  3. When your child has mentioned everything he or she can think of, show him or her the Wheels of Choice on the next page to see if there is anything he or she would like to add.
  4. Draw a big circle with pie pieces on another paper or tag board sheet. (If your child is old enough, let him or her do it.)
  5. Ask your child if he or she would like to draw pictures that represent each choice, or would like to find clip art on the computer.
  6. Let your child hang the chart in a prominent place when it is finished.

Printable Cards Ideas

Source: www.kidsartncraft.com


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