What are the immunization requirements

Parents must show their child’s immunization Record as proof of immunization (shots) before starting pre-kindergarten and at each age checkpoint after entry. The parents will be sent the Parent’s Guide to Immunizations (required doses for each age at Entry/checkpoint)

If we put down a deposit, is that refundable?

A DEPOSIT, composed of the last month of tuition, is NON-REFUNDABLE. Only in the case of service, diplomatic orders, or job transfers, out-of-state may contracts be adjusted at the discretion of Dandelions Montessori.

Does the facility have heat?

Yes, the facility has a wall furnace heater.

Do you have an emergency plan in the case of an earthquake?

Yes. The emergency plan is posted in the facility. We also have drills with the children for earthquakes and fire. We practice "drop, cover, and hold" or "gathering together and leave" (for fire). The school also stores blankets, water, and dry food in case of a lockdown.

Can you tell me more about the sleeping/napping arrangement?

 All children are given the opportunity to nap or rest. Generally, naptime is 1-2 hours long. The school provides cots and fitted sheets for children who need to nap. Parents bring a blanket (and sheets if desired). Children are allowed to bring a special item (a stuffed animal or any other special object that helps the kid feel

Do you have liability insurance (or a bond) that covers injury to students?

Yes, we do.

What is the facility license number?


I know you practice Positive Discipline: Can you say more about how you handle conflict with the children, either between them or when they might break rules?

In summary, some of the most common PD tools used in the classroom to handle conflicts are:

• Follow Through
• Wheel of Choice
• Offer limited choices
• Distract and Redirect
• Encouragement
• Do with Children
• Look for Solutions
• What and How Questions
• Active/reflective listening
• Explore consequences
• Take time for Training
• Kind and Firm
• Put the kids in the same boat

Tools that we avoid and discourage:
• Nag
• Lectures
• Yell
• Threats
• React impulsively
• Look for Blame
• Punishment
• Shame/Humiliation
• Excessive Praise and Rewards
• Impose consequences rather than find solutions
• Expect Perfection
• Punitive Time Out

Positive Discipline is never humiliating: no Blame, Shame, or Pain.

Punishment invites compliance or rebellion—not change.

Positive Discipline is not permissive either.

Permissiveness teaches children, “I’m the center of the world, and love means getting others to take care of me and give me everything I want,” and, “I’m not capable and I can’t survive disappointment.”

To learn more about Positive Discipline, read:
What is Positive Discipline?
Positive Discipline guidelines.

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